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Founded in early 2018, Minh Anh Production and Trade Development Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneers in the industry of producing paper cups, paper bowls, and paper bowls. For more than 2 years of establishment and development, Minh Anh Company has researched and launched many multifunctional paper cups with brands trusted by many customers such as Dingtea, Cafe Germini, Soya Garden, Street Lemon Tea, Ha Long Pearl Yogurt, Nutritious Porridge….

Minh Anh Co., Ltd specializes in designing and supplying food packaging products for the fast food industry. Presently, we expand our business of all packaging products and serve domestic and international needs.

Main products of Minh Anh: Paper cups for drinks, paper bowls with many designs: Coffee mugs, porridge bowls, salad bowls, pho bowls, noodles, paper cups for soup, snacks for snacks …

Minh Anh’s mission is to provide creative food beverage packaging which is safe for users and protect environment as well as help company approach market best with lowest cost.

We wish to introduce beautiful, modern packaging designs that are widely used in many countries to help businesses attract customers and promote their brands better. We have available the latest designs or produce according to the customers’ requirements.

Minh Anh focuses seriously on production standards and quality: 100% of raw materials are imported from Korea, Finland, America …; a modern factory, meeting the standards of testing food packaging of the National Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene, 100% ensuring the health of consumers.

We also pay special attention to environmental protection issues. Our packaging products are selected for easy decomposition such as paper and natural materials.

Minh Anh strives to provide customers with the best services: free 24-hour consultation; free design design; best price on the market; Fast delivery; support delivery costs; many promotions. Customer satisfaction is our motto.

Minh Anh wishes to accompany partners, food chains around Vietnam and the world.

• Paper cup and bag production process

Our factory is equipped with new and modern machine which allow us to meet all high quality requirement and on-time order. Learn more about our production process.

• Our customer

We take customer value-added services as a guide and will put more effort into improving management and perfecting resource integration.

• Free design

We are proud of having a professional design team. If your product is still incompleted, let us help you to make it perfect.


• Professional team


We ensure on-time delivery because we have professional team in every process